Parent Volunteer Opportunities

Parent Volunteerism Want Ads

Parent volunteers are a vital part of the Dolphins’ Swim Team. A lot takes place behind the scenes as we train, travel, compete, and play, and we need your help to make all of those components of the swim team experience successful. We are asking that you volunteer to assist us in one or more of the following areas:


Timer– No experience necessary. On the job training. Easy.  Numerous positions available. Doesn’t have to be every meet. Bonus: Front row seating to see your child compete.


Officials– Growth opportunity. Various levels. Will train. Certification clinic training will be required. Bonus: Prestige.


Photographers– Seeking individuals to take good quality photos for print and reproduction and candid photography for digital distribution. You don’t have to be a professional. A camera that takes high quality photos a plus. Bonus: You get to bust out that fancy camera and actually use it like you intended to when you bought it.
Fundraising– Ra! Ra! Ra! We need motivated individuals to bring in the bucks. Whether you’ve got ideas, baking skills, a special talent, a huge network of family and friends, or deep pockets, we need you! It would be great if a single parent could take the lead for each event. Bonus: Short term commitment with a big impact. Our first fundraising opportunity will take place at the Family Fitness Festival, Saturday, October 10th.


Wranglers– The deck at a meet is a wild place. We don’t want our little cow-pokes getting lost, confused, or simply getting out of control, so we need parents to help organize and guide them. Your parental instincts are qualification enough for this position. Bonus: You’ll probably find yourself doing this anyway, so at least now you’ll get recognized for it.


Timing Techy– Seeking someone with some technical prowess who would enjoy playing with a giant stop watch. The Dolphins’ have a state-of-the-art timing system for all home meets and you could be the person behind the big clock. Bonus: THE POWER


Meet Secretary– This is a data entry position. Must be able to turn on a computer, access the internet and type. Bonus: You can do this from home in your pajamas. Will train. Accepting multiple applicants.


Merchandise Sales Manager– We are having a hot sale on swim suits, towels, swim caps, and sweat pants, but need someone to take the orders, manage the inventory and collect the cash. This could be you. Bonus: Your child will always be on the cutting edge of swim team fashion.